The space you live in and relax, within the realms of your mind and heart, is and should be the primary achievement of life. Defining and creating your sanctum is our objective. Sanctum Bangalore is premium interior designing firm that will help you convert your dream home into reality.

At Sanctum a passionate team of designers will guide and facilitate your search for the right property and then indulge in the interior design with competent services to deliver your desired home.

At leisure, do review our property projects offered across the growing city of Bangalore as well as understand our methodology of delivering interiors that define your lifestyle and most importantly you. We will make sure that the interior design we offer to you will satisfy all your specifications and will bring you back for more.

Sanctum is one of those designing firms in Bangalore that is situated at a very accessible location which is Esteem Mall,Hebbal.

Do drop in to have a real feel of what our design actually looks like. You can also have a word with our interior designers about how you want your space to look.





Interior Decoration involves expertise, patience and having good taste. Our designers are the best ones in the lot and they will help you make the right choice when it comes to your home and office interiors. At Sanctum everyone shares a common passion, that of interior design. We all believe that designing someone's home and bringing it to life is divine.

This is how our efficient Interior Decorators work:

We listen - The first step to understanding your specific and personal requirements, with respect to what you want in your home or office.

We visualize - Our expert panel of Architects & Interior Decorators visualize options to meet your stated needs. Decorating your space according to what you have envisioned is our duty.

We depict - Design and proposed layouts of the interior design in your chosen living space be it your home or office or anywhere else. Our designers will always be there to help you out. We will be designing your space exactly how you want it and nothing less.

We deliver - From visualization to execution of the approved design, with quality, cost and time commitments.

We assure you that our interior designers will give you no space for complaints or dissatisfaction. You can completely trust our designers with doing an efficient job of designing your home/office to perfection.

Our Home Interior Designing

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